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Ended On:  July 21, 2022 08:22 PM
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Auction Timezone: America/Chicago
Contact: Lonnie Yount (573)238-6760
Location: Marble Hill Missouri
Horse Name: Pepper
Breed: Missouri Fox Trotter
Height: 15.1
Color: Blue Roan
Registered: No
Age: 6
Sex: Mare



"Pepper" is a gorgeous blue roan Missouri Fox Trotter. She is 15.1 hands tall and an artist couldn't draw a horse any prettier. She carries herself with style and grace. She has been owned, broke, and trained by the same person so she really trusts people. She is gentle and safe for the entire family. She has been trail ridden all over. She has packed saddle bags with lots of adult beverages. She has been camped on for days at a time and will stand tied on the picket line. She will ride alone or in a group. She will cross water whether it is a mud hole or a river. She is sure-footed and dependable. She will walk along easy on a loose rein and will ride slow if you ride in a mixed group. She has a wonderfully smooth gait that you will enjoy riding for hours at a time. She stands perfectly still for mounting. She loads and hauls well. She has been ridden on the road and she is traffic safe. This gorgeous sweet girl is in the prime of her life and she will give her forever trail riding buddy many years of fun and safe rides.

For more information call (573)238-6760.

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d***********nuser$8,0007/21/2022 8:19:48 PM
n**************nuser$7,7507/21/2022 8:19:40 PM
n**************nuser$7,5007/21/2022 8:18:53 PM
d***********nuser$7,2507/21/2022 8:18:29 PM
n**************nuser$6,7507/21/2022 8:17:53 PM
n**************nuser$6,5007/21/2022 8:17:26 PM
d***********nuser$6,2507/19/2022 2:44:37 PM
d***********nuser$6,0007/18/2022 4:40:40 PM
b**********suser$5,7507/18/2022 11:16:26 AM
m*********luser$5,5007/18/2022 11:16:00 AM
d***********nuser$5,2507/18/2022 10:41:03 AM
m*********luser$5,0007/18/2022 10:14:40 AM
d***********nuser$4,7507/17/2022 10:06:44 PM
m*********luser$4,5007/17/2022 9:21:10 PM
d***********nuser$4,2507/17/2022 10:59:30 AM
m*********luser$4,0007/16/2022 10:32:01 AM
c************luser$3,7507/16/2022 7:29:24 AM