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Ended On:  February 9, 2023 08:57 PM
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Auction Timezone: America/Chicago
Contact: Tom (573)225-3534
Location: Farmington Missouri
Horse Name: Rosco
Breed: Mule
Height: 15.2
Color: Bay
Registered: No
Age: 12
Sex: John



"Rosco" is a Once-In-A-Lifetime mule! He is a seasoned GENTLE & SAFE trail riding a mule. He is a true one-hand ride on a loose-rein kind of guy. He will ease along and pick his way through the roughest of terrain. He will go anywhere that you point those beautiful ears!! He has a better running walk than a lot of good-bred gaited horses. He will lope in a shoe box. He has the smoothest little short lope that you will ever ride. You would think you were riding a western pleasure horse if you didn't know better. He doesn't have a foolish bone in his body. He just wants to spend time with you and make you happy. He will ease across downed trees and trudge right through the mud holes without a complaint. He has ridden on the road and he is traffic safe. Whether you are young or old this amazing mule will make you happy when you ride him. He one-hand neck reins and will back up with just a nudge. He will side pass to open gates. He stands statue still for mounting and you can use a log, rock or mounting block to get aboard. You can catch him anywhere. He always comes to greet you. He has new shoes but he has great feet if you like them barefoot. He loads the best and will back off the trailer if you want him to. He just never gives any fuss no matter what you ask him to do. You will wear out a new pickup truck trying to find another one like him and if you do he won't be for sale! We are looking for the perfect home for this amazing guy!!

For More Information Call (573)225-3534.

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d***********yproxy$8,7502/9/2023 8:53:13 PM
b********duser$8,5002/9/2023 8:53:13 PM
d***********yuser$8,2502/9/2023 8:52:15 PM
d***********yuser$8,0002/9/2023 8:45:33 PM
j********euser$7,7502/9/2023 1:05:35 PM
b********duser$7,5002/9/2023 1:04:48 PM
d*********nuser$7,2502/9/2023 1:04:12 PM
d*********nuser$7,0002/9/2023 9:23:33 AM
b********duser$6,7502/2/2023 8:48:06 PM
j************suser$6,5001/31/2023 9:00:48 PM
b********duser$6,2501/31/2023 5:21:00 PM
b*************duser$6,0001/31/2023 5:04:39 PM
b*********nuser$5,7501/31/2023 4:35:55 PM
b*************duser$5,5001/31/2023 2:38:01 PM
b*********nuser$5,2501/30/2023 10:15:45 AM