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Auction Timezone: America/Chicago
Contact: Apple Creek Farm - Jeremy Long (717)353-1133
Location: Gettysburg PA
Horse Name: Billy
Breed: Tennessee Walker
Height: 15.2
Color: Black
Registered: No
Age: 14
Sex: Gelding



Billy is a 14-15-year-old jet black 15.2 hand Tennessee Walking Horse gelding. He is an extremely fun athletic smooth Trail horse. He will walk, has a smooth gait, and will do a soft Canter all day long if that's what you wish. He will give you his all while I will tell you he will never win a race he will sure try for you if you ask. We have had a blast with him. We have done all kinds of crazy nonsense from riding double different times even at a Canter in an open field, We even hooked him up to a cart just to do it while he had no clue what I was asking he still tried because he knew we were asking something. He is very easy to deal with on the ground. He is great for the farrier and for the vet. He lives in a mixed herd and can live out 24/7 or come into a stall with no bad habits. He's a very handsome boy with great ground manners just in time for the warmer weather coming. He is barefoot and ready to hit the trails and do as many miles as you want or just have an easy day for a couple of miles. He will be happy with whatever you ask out of him. We did this entire video in a simple O-ring snaffle. I have ridden him bareback with just a halter and a lead rope he stands at the mounting block or mounts from the ground. If you want a level-headed horse that will never Buck or rare but you can go out and have fun on the trails at different speeds Billy is your guy. Slow, medium or a little fast is all okay with him.

For more information call (717)353-1133.

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